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My name is Angelli Kumari.

This is Angelli. Her father is a  farmer and owns an acre of land. He grows rice, wheat and lentils and lives in a mud house shared with two buffalo and some hens..

Her grandmother has tuberculosis and the family have not enough money to buy the appropriate medicine. There is no government school in the area and her only chance of any education is with  The Schools and Skills Foundation. She wants very much to go to school.


These three young women had never been to school before joining the Schools and Skills Foundation sewing school in Bapunager. They could neither read nor write and had no employment skills. Now after two years they can read and write, measure and cut cloth. Sew and knit. They have received basic training in health, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition.  With these skills they are better equipped to improve their living standard and to pass on this knowledge to other village women.



















This is Renki, she is twelve years old, she cannot walk, she has polio. Her father is dead or has gone away. She lives in what can only be described as a mud hovel behind the main temple in Bodhgaya. She supports her mother, brothers and sister by begging. By including her mother in our skills training programme she will be able to make a living by sewing and knitting and Renki will become a student in one of our schools. Your support is crucial for the future of this family. 


  Our father is Arjun Thackur.  He is a barber. He earns about 100 rupees per day (£1.25). We live with our grandparents and uncle. Our uncle has four children, his wife has died. Our house has two rooms. We attend The Schools and Skills Foundation school in Bodhgaya. The classes are very small and we learn quickly. We like our teachers very much. We rehearse plays about the caste system and about our tradition of giving dowries when a girl gets married.


This is Manta, she is thirteen years old. She is a student at The Schools and Skills Foundationís school near Bodhgaya. She is in class 6, her final year. She has learnt to read and write Hindi and English. She has also studied science, Sanskrit, drama, art and history.  She has passed all the government exams but her parents cannot afford to pay for her to attend a government school to complete her secondary education.  With your help The Schools and Skills Foundation will open a school so that she can continue her education until she is eighteen.


This is Chandon, he is three and a half years old. He has never walked. He suffers from rickets and malnutrition. His mother does not know how to feed him properly and he is dying. The Schools and Skills Foundation has adopted him and his mother. With intensive treatment with vitamins and minerals Chandon is recovering strength and putting on weight. His mother has been taught how to cook nutritious food and before too long Chandon will have learnt to walk and play with other children.